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Tab Maker

Bringing Google Sheets and a no-code interface to the masses so they can take over the new tab page.

UX Design, Visual Design
Google Creative Lab

Launched as a Google Experiment and very popular in the education community

Project year:
Problem area

While there are many ways for people to promote themselves on the internet, it can be hard for their target audience to find them. The new tab page is one of the most viewed pages in Chrome, and is the perfect place to discover content serendipitously. However, creating extensions to transform this page requires coding knowledge. This can be a high barrier to entry for many.

My role

This project started from an extension I coded myself, that displayed work from creatives of colour in every new tab. The extension used Google Sheets as a content feed. To enable more people to create extensions like this, I designed the UX and UI for a no-code design tool and brought it to life with developers. To promote the tool I creatively directed designers to develop the website, film and social assets.


A no code tool that enables anyone to design a new tab extension to showcase their ideas on the new tab page. The Tab Maker tool uses Google Sheets as a content feed, so creators can constantly update the content, and collaborate with others to keep their extension fresh.

Behind the scenes
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