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Frida Kahlo

Using materials, typography and angles to represent the duality of Frida Kahlo as a strong, powerful woman whose body was tormented by injury.

Visual Design
BOB Design Ltd

Shown in the ‘Making Her Self Up’ exhibition at the V&A London

Project year:
Problem area

Frida Kahlo used clothing both as a form of self-expression and as armour. Throughout her life, Kahlo was wracked with health conditions that began with an accident in her youth. She spent long periods of time bedridden, forced to paint using an angled canvas and a mirror above her. We wanted to represent the beauty of her strength in these moments of injury.

My role

Work on the initial concept of using angled signage with hidden reflections below the surface and prototyped them ready for manufacture.


We created angular typography and signage both to pay homage to these moments of strength and perseverance in her toughest times physically. The series captions were lined with metallic material to represent both Frida’s internal strength and beauty, as well her physical fragility.

Behind the scenes
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