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Bringing bacteria into public spaces to help in the fight against air pollution.

Speculative Design, System Design, Visual Design
Imperial College + Royal College of Art

Exhibited at Dutch Design Week, London Design Festival & featured in the news

Project year:
Problem area

Existing methods of air filtration, such as HEPA filters, are effective but unsustainable. These filters need to be incinerated after use, further contributing to air pollution.. These air filtration systems also tend to be hidden in building infrastructures, making it easier for people to ignore the air pollution that surrounds them.

My role

I divided my time between scientific research, material development and the aesthetic direction. This project was speculative, so I created physical prototypes, digital artwork and animation to bring to life a future where Cellul-air could exist.


A visual, modular air filtration system, filled with air purifying bacteria, specifically developed to target the pollutants in a specific space. The bacteria and the material it grows on is biodegradable and the modules are reusable, meaning there is no waste produced.

Behind the scenes
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