Innovation Design


yumsen was a project completed as part of a three week trip to Singapore for the “Go Global” project. The project was a  collaboration with students from NTU and LASALLE that took on the challenge of designing for our “Future Selves.”

yumsen is a proposal for a multi-sensory water drinking experience. It aims to help tackle the issue that Singapore has one of the highest levels of type 2 diabetes in the world (and a slight obsession with drinking sugary drinks.) 

Completed with Chen Wang, Yvonne Hung and James Fraser.

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First Hand Interviews And Experimentation

While we were in Sinapore, we took the opportunity to speak to both healthcare professionals and the public to find out what the key public health issues were. It came to light very quickly that type 2 diabetes is one of the biggest issues due to  the dietary habits of the locals. 

In particular, we noticed that the average Singaporean consumes large amounts of sugary drinks throughout the day. When we asked locals why this was, they stated that Singaporeans are reluctant to buy and drink plain water because they feel short changed in some way. We decided this was the challenge we wanted to tackle and yumsen—the sensory drinking experience was created. 

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