Bio Design



My.crobiome is a speculative design based on the work of synthetic biologists at Imperial College. It is a service that analyses the current state of your gut microbiome and creates tailor made bacteria, using CRISPR gene editing technology, fo you to take to enhance or alter your microbiome. The custom bacteria can be taken in pill or suppository form to enhance your health, your mood and other bodily functions in response to environmental and hormonal stimuli.

Project completed with amir afshar, james fraser, rao yin


testing and analysis

To use the service you will be sent a sample kit for you to swab and test your microbiome. This will then be sent off to our labs where we will keep a record of your original microbiome. Bacteria will be modified and grown for you depending on your selected preferences. These will then be sent to you in pill or suppository form as a subscription-based service. Regular sample packs will be sent as a check up to keep data on your microbiome up to date.