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Memory Chip 

Our current ways of remembering the dead are impermanent. Graves are uplifted, benches removed, records destroyed and even digitally stored information is made obsolete by advancing technology. In a constantly changing world, can there be a way to remember the dead that will last “forever”?

Hitachi have created a data storage device made from silica glass that is said to last for over 300 million years. The data is recorded based upon binary code and will be able to be read and translated even as technology advances. Ashes are often scattered, however, they are sometimes made into objects for family members to keep. Ashes can also be fused to form glass...

What if the ashes from cremation could be put into memory chips holding data about the person that could be read for millions of years? This project is at the starting point of the possibilities of what could happen with these chips. 

Currently in progress...

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