Editorial design / Research

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Erotic / Pornographic

In 2016 the last of the remaining Lads’ Mags, FHM, closed its doors. A major contributing factor in the closure of the Lads’ Mags was the public perception that they were too pornographic for sale in public shops. However, over the past few years there has been a dramatic rise in ‘Erotic Publications’ being made around the globe. Their content is equally explicit, yet their designs are more pared back. If the Lads’ Mags were redesigned in this way, could they too survive in a new niche market?

I explored all the design decisions made in both genres of magazines in a dissertation in order to come to set conclusions as to which design decisions have the greatest influence on the way the content is perceived. Both the Lads’ Mags and Erotic Publications are redesigned in the style of the other to create new cross-bred publications. The decisions made in the process are based on a dissertation written deciphering the key characteristics of each genre.